Our Practice


We are an independent, family-owned and run optometry practice proud to help our local community with all their vision needs. Established in 2000, we have been providing comprehensive vision care service to the people of the Monbulk region for over sixteen years.

Our practice consists of highly experienced and skilled optometrists, professional support staff and a visiting ophthalmologist who provides specialised services to our patients. We have close relationships with local medical professionals, enabling us to provide the best holistic care for both your vision and your eye health. We’re also fully equipped with a range of the latest technology, which means we can detect, treat and manage a range of eye conditions and diseases and, essentially, address all your vision needs from our practice on the mountain. Find out more about our comprehensive services.

Our technology includes:

  • Phoropter– for refraction
  • Ophthalmoscope – for direct and indirect examining of the retina
  • Slit lamp / bio microscope – for external examination
  • Slit Lamp Video Camera – for digital photography
  • Automated Perimeter – for visual fields assessment
  • OCT (Optical Coherence Tomographer) – for highly detailed images of the internal structures of the eye
  • OPTOS -  Ultra-Wide-Field Retinal Scanning for peripheral eye disease

Eye Emergencies

If your eyes have been injured or you are experiencing severe discomfort, call us immediately and we’ll book you an emergency appointment with Dr Murray.

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